The Brain's Way of Healing

The Brain's Way of Healing

Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

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You would think that a book with the word “neuroplasticity” in the title would be difficult and nearly incomprehensible, but Dr. Doidge’s book is anything but. Filled with caring and compassionate stories about the potential of the human brain, The Brain’s Way of Healing is one of the most hopeful books I’ve read in the past year. I remember in my high school senior English class, the teacher stood in front of us and declared confidently that we had reached peak brain growth and it was all downhill from there – our brains would slowly die off. Now we know that this simply isn’t true. First, the brain keeps maturing into our early to mid-20s, and secondly, the brain is “plastic”, meaning that it can and does change. Dr. Doidge uncovers many stories that show just how wonderful and dynamic our brains truly are. He tells the story of neuroplastic healing where people who were “blind” learn to see, people with debilitating diseases create greater mobility, and children with severe development difficulties change their path and proceed with more hopeful and typical lives. Knowing that these individuals can overcome great obstacles and change their brain for the better, your little life troubles might not feel so hard. You may inadvertently find yourself changing your brain in a more intentional way too.


Lisa Sansom

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