culture code

The Culture Code

Coyle shares anecdotes and examples for senior executives to follow that demonstrate culture change can start at any level with any leader.
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The Culture Code — The secrets of highly successful groups

How does great culture happen?

Organizational culture is critical, yet often it is left to chance. Rather than deliberately setting out to create a positive workplace, leaders and groups just seem to hope for the best. However, author Daniel Coyle shows that great cultures can be built and share certain elements in common. They create safety and belonging for their members and allow individuals to be vulnerable, fostering cooperation. They establish purpose, which also brings people together and moves them to action. Although these elements may seem straightforward, think about your own workplace — are all of these ingredients in place? What is missing, and what is the impact of those missing ingredients?

Throughout Coyle’s book, he shares anecdotes and examples for others to follow. The good news is that smaller groups within a larger organization can also use the lessons in this book in a more “local” way — you don’t need a senior executive to buy in. This sort of culture change can start at any level with any leader who is willing to set a few new ground rules for their team.