The Future Workplace

The Future Workplace Experience

Authors Meister and Mulcahy examine three big buckets of workplace recruiting and hiring and provide compelling reasons for why changes are needed.
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The Future Workplace Experience — 10 rules for mastering disruption in recruiting and engaging employees

New companies are reinventing the future of work, and these companies are being more strategic and agile than ever before. This means a different workforce and new workplace practices to attract those employees. Your same ol’ just isn’t going to cut it. The authors examine three big buckets of workplace recruiting and hiring: what workers expect from work, how technology transforms the workplace and the changing composition of the workforce. These three pillars together provide compelling reasons for why changes are needed, and the authors also share rules on how to make these changes happen. For example, one rule is “build gender equality.” Much easier said than done, especially when some workplaces don’t even believe that there is a problem to start with. The authors provide compelling data behind gender inequality and outline why more progress has not been made. They then address unconscious bias, family-friendly policies, hidden prejudices and moving to action. This isn’t a light topic, and the authors do a good job at doing a deep dive in a few pages. Each chapter ends with “my action plan” and compelling questions to help the reader move forward. This is definitely an action-packed business book.

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