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The Orange Revolution

The Orange Revolution

How One Great Team can Transform an Entire Organization

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Don’t be fooled by the title: this book has nothing to do with the Ukrainian upheaval in 2004-05. The “revolution” in question here is based on The Carrot Principle (another book by the same authors) and is about building high-performance teams. This book is well-written with smatterings of surprisingly orange graphics throughout, visually illustrating things such as how higher-performing teams have greater trust, greater accountability and greater recognition. There are no surprises in this book (and literally, part of their model is called “No Surprises”). But it’s a fun book peppered with case studies and team-building anecdotes from history, sports and business. One unique element speaks to “cheer” on a team — not in the sense of cheerleaders, but to the deep abiding respect and positivity that high-performing teams share and demonstrate. This is certainly an element worth highlighting, and the authors do a reasonable job of communicating their point. All in all, this is a useful, practical book for building teams and looking at corporate culture on a micro-level. It may give you a few ideas for your own organization and your own team. Carrots may become your favourite food after all!


Lisa Sansom