The Other Kind of Smart

The Other Kind Of Smart

Simple Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence For Greater Personal Effectiveness And Success

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Actually, there are several “other kinds of smart”, since Howard Gardner first posited his theory of multiple intelligences somewhere around 1983. But I’ll accept that emotional intelligence (EI) is typically the one that first springs to mind, especially in a corporate or business context, notably since Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence in 1996. Have you had enough of EI or do you want more? This book is more—but it’s not necessarily new or unique if you’re already familiar with the field. Deutschendorf takes several different EI strengths—characteristics that you might already have and want to grow, or aspects of your personality that you’d like to work on—and isolates them with examples, explanations and exercises. Want to be more assertive? There’s good information for you on page 42. Would you like to be more adaptable? That breaks down into three different skills in Part IV. This feels more like a self-help book—you aren’t going to get the information here on how to transform others. But real lasting change starts from within anyhow, right?


Lisa Sansom

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