The Power of An Hour

The Power of an Hour

Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week

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Dave Lakhani has created a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to coaching yourself, for only one focused hour each week, on just about anything that might be getting in the way of your business or personal life. Peppered with trademarked neologisms, Lakhani introduces his concepts with a discussion on the approach (“How the Power of an Hour Works”) as well as what he means by “fearsome focus” and how to get rid of distractions. Actually, his “hour” is really 45 minutes with 15 minutes for necessary “non-focus” activities. It could be more than one hour per week–in fact, the benefits will certainly be more tangible if you make it an hour each day, however, that doesn’t sound quite as effective for a book title. Lakhani does all the practical thinking for you, providing some integral questions for starting, and outlining some processes to enhance your critical and creative thinking skills. The meaty parts, however, are left entirely to your own creation. And, of course, you will need to set aside the one solid hour to devote to this discipline. Lakhani affirms that, with practice, this way of thinking becomes a solid habit and the devout follower will become a master, incorporating this new effective process into all of life’s aspects. In some ways, this is like yoga for the mind, without the new age bent and more of an efficient business focus.


Lisa Sansom