The Power of You

The Power of You!

How YOU Can Create Happiness, Balance, and Wealth

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Martineau’s book is a light read, reinforcing what most proponents of the formal discipline of change management and devotees of the Law of Attraction already know—change is happening quickly, and you need to change from the inside first to effect change on the outside. So now you can skip right to Chapter 3 and choose your core values. Other chapters discuss SMART goals, deliberate consciousness, visioning, and living a connected lifestyle. There is little new or revolutionary in this book, save for a treatise on the benefits of the “new religion of capitalism”, which is not a section commonly found in self-help books; although, given the subtitle of this book, it should not be entirely unexpected. Another interesting concept of Martineau’s is that of “familiars”—feelings learned at an early age, which continue to govern us in adult life, when it might no longer be appropriate or helpful. Knowing your own “familiars” can help you avoid trigger events and moderate your own reactions, paving the way to happiness, balance and wealth. However, linking the Law of Attraction to wealth—and Martineau’s concept of attraction is clearly financial in nature—raises red flags for me, as this is a gross oversimplification of the philosophy. Just because Martineau has been able to create financial prosperity, along with the rest of his “dream life”, doesn’t mean that you will too—but that promise could sure help him sell more books.


Lisa Sansom

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