The Trap of Success

The Trap of Success

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A Brutally Candid Guide to Overcoming Your Fears, Finding Significance, and Attaining Profound Success

When an author tells you that their book is about overcoming “your” fears, you can be pretty sure that they were on this path first and learned a few things along the way. This book is no exception, and he’s got a compelling story. This book is more motivational and inspirational, so be prepared for a few pep talks along the way, and yes, the subtitle is accurate — it is brutally candid. I got the feeling that the author was, in some ways, dealing with his own issues by helping other people with theirs. But you know what? That’s not a bad way forward for most people, and it can certainly help with growth and thriving. There are some pieces of advice in here that you probably already know: create a vision, write it down, make it clear and meaningful, and use your vision to keep you moving forward. But there are other elements and ideas that might be new to you. For example, Hammett tackles the idea of “playing to win” with all the fervour of a dedicated high-level athlete. This isn’t playing to be safe or playing not to lose — this is all-in win, win, win — deciding what will “fulfill your deepest existential need and then creating the circumstances necessary to achieve it.” Talk about getting comfortable with discomfort. This book is not for the faint of heart, but buckle up and be ready for the ride.

Lisa Sansom

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