Why not Me

Why Not Me?

The keys to unlock your power release your potential

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Meincke, in easy-to-digest format, presents 52 keys to unlocking your power. Drawing from inspirations as diverse as Dharma from the Hindu religion to Donald Trump, Meincke has crafted his book such that you can open to any page and find some bold-faced wisdom (literally, in bold, so you don’t miss the key points) that is worth pondering. Why Not Me? is largely inspirational and practical, not theoretical, and would make a good ‘beginner’ book for someone who is looking to broaden his or her horizons. The book starts with “Faith in yourself” and “Ownership”, each creating a solid foundation for the book’s central message. Even if everyone were to stop after that second key, a great deal of personal power and potential would be realized. There is not much in this book that will surprise a reader who has already experienced other inspirational writings of this nature, and there are authors who have a better command of the language. This is not high literature. But therein lies its gift—it is accessible and real, and while it may look like an easy read, what it recommends is not easy to undertake.


Lisa Sansom

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