Why Should Anyone Work Here

Why Should Anyone Work Here?

What It Takes to Create an Authentic Organization

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Often, when we go into job interviews, there is a space at the end for the interviewee to ask questions of the interviewer. We might ask questions about job tasks or work environment, but really, the questions we want to ask are: “Why should I work with you? Will I have good colleagues? Will I have a good boss? Will I have a nice place to work? Will I get to do meaningful work?” These are all important drivers of fulfillment, well-being and engagement. Goffee and Jones address all of these questions head-on in this follow-up to their book, Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? In order to build more authentic organizations where people want to work, the authors suggest a few bold, but simple, principles, including letting people be themselves, practicing radical honesty, building on people’s strengths and making work meaningful. Think about places you have worked. Which was better: when you got to play to your strengths or when you were working on (or in) your weakest areas? When the workplace was cluttered with obscure and punitive rules or when there were clear and precise rules aimed at increasing clarity and fairness? When your organization stood for a meaning and purpose and your job contributed to it, or when you were a paper-pusher with no real line of sight to anything important. I can pretty much guess which side of each of these was your better work environment. Goffee and Jones offer thoughtful provocations to move workplaces forward toward authenticity, and help you to craft compelling questions when, at the end of your next interview, the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for us?”


Lisa Sansom

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