We’ve all been there. Sitting next to a cubicle-mate who is perhaps not our favourite person and who may have bad habits that make our time at work slightly less pleasant.

A shocking 100% of U.S. workers say they’ve found themselves annoyed by a co-worker, according to a recent study conducted by Olivet Nazarene University.

What’s even more shocking is that 73% said they’ve been confronted by another co-worker about their own annoying behaviours.

Here are some of the habits you are either annoyed by or that you are doing to annoy your co-workers:

49% Talking loudly and complaining a lot

Forty-nine percent of respondents said they are most annoyed by co-workers who feel the need to announce each and every one of their thoughts, especially the negative ones.

32% Gossiping and bullying

Thirty-two percent said they have at least one co-worker who loves to gossip and bully others. This is the person who loves to talk about other people the moment they are out of earshot. They also find pleasure in saying things that are meant to confuse or hurt others.

12% Poor eating or bathroom habits

Twelve percent said they’ve been bothered by a peer who has poor bathroom or eating habits.

6% Poor communication in emails and meetings

Six percent said their most annoying coworkers are the ones who write rude or ill-constructed emails. They are also typically known to be dominating or disruptive in meetings.

Not too late to change Being more self-aware is the first step to improving your situation. In many cases the offending employees are completely unaware of their actions. So if you were able to admit to any of the habits above, you’re headed in the right direction. Start by looking for and observing the nonverbal clues your co-workers might be giving. Once you realize that your peers are turned off by your habits, it will be easier to identify and get rid of them, one step at a time.

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