Power Up: Burritos

Power Up: Burritos

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Mexican Rice and Beans

– Ingredients-


Serves 8

  1. 1 pinch salt and pepper, to taste
  2. 1/2 cups basmati rice
  3. 3 cups chicken stock
  4. 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  5. 1 cup black beans, canned, drained & rinsed very well
  6. 3 whole tomatoes, peeled, seeded & chopped
  7. 1 whole green pepper, diced small
  8. 1 whole red pepper, diced small
  9. 1 med onion, diced small
  10. 1/4 cup parsley, chopped
  11. 3 tbsps cilantro, chopped
  12. 1 tsp cumin seed, whole & roasted
  13. 1 tsp red wine vinegar
– Directions –


  1. Preheat oven to 350˚F. Heat stock to boiling and reserve.
  2. Heat oil and sweat garlic, peppers and onions, (cook over low heat until slightly wilted). Add rice and sweat until rice is opaque.
  3. Turn into baking dish and add stock; cover and bake at 350˚F for 15 to18 minutes.
  4. Fluff grains and cool to room temperature.
  5. Add black beans and cumin, vinegar, tomatoes, and salt and pepper.
  6. Add cilantro and parsley; correct seasonings to taste.
– Nutritional Analysis –


Nutritional content per serving: 179 Calories; 1g Fat (7.1% calories from fat); 6g Protein; 35g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fibre; 947mg Sodium.

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