Socks: A Multi-pair World

If you were to open my sock drawer you might think I actually have four feet instead of the standard allotment of two. My socks easily fill up a whole drawer. Okay, two drawers. I have tube socks, ankle socks, Argyle print socks, hiking socks that wick moisture, extra-length dress socks, 100% cotton socks, cotton/poly blend socks, blue ones, black ones…you get the picture, I have lots of socks. No, I don’t have a sock fetish. Nor do I collect socks. I don’t even believe there will be a sock shortage in the future–although I’d be prepared if one ever occurred. Our current dryer, unlike our previous one, doesn’t seem to have a Black Hole that arbitrarily sucks away one sock from every matching pair.

I have a very good reason for owning an unusually large collection of socks. And it all has to do with comfort. I have narrow, bony feet that require extra padding so they fit snugly in the “average” men’s D-width shoe. It all started when I first began wearing adult-size shoes. I knew something wasn’t right the first time I put on a pair. The length of the shoe was correct, but my feet were, as the sales person said, “swimming” in the toe area. She suggested I pull the laces tight, bringing the sides together to reduce the effective width of the shoe. I did. It didn’t help. I still was swimming, even though the sides were as close as they were going to get.

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