Stuck in a Rut? Hire a Success Coach

Maybe All You Need Is Someone to Hold You Accountable for Making Big Changes in Your Life

Many of us are taught while growing up that we have endless possibilities and opportunities before us. Then circumstances close in and life becomes like a box. We become defined by our education, mortgage payments, life partners, children, places of employment, etc. Is it any wonder that people just give up?

People are like goldfish in water. Just as the water is invisible to goldfish, our thinking, practices and environment are, for the most part, invisible to us. We’re often so involved in our routine that we’re not aware of what it is we’re doing that gives us unwanted results. We may be working hard but we’re not getting the desired results. Even if we manage to see our faults, we may not know what to do to change. In fact, we have the inherent creativity, intelligence and tacit knowledge we need for success but some of us need help to gain access to it.

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