The Courage to Make Real Change

Companies ask me point-blank how we continue to sell-out our leadership and HR conference while their events are in decline.

“We listen to our community,” is the simplest reply I can give. We always reach out to talk to our delegates and subscribers. But listening alone isn’t enough. Listening is meaningless if you make no significant change. Regardless of how successful we get, we demonstrate the courage — and I do mean courage — to continually risk change.

A different kind of HR conference

All conferences typically have a set format: arrive, speakers, muffin break, speakers, chicken lunch, speakers, break with cookies, speakers, end. A few tweaks might be added in to change things up a bit: stretches, Danishes instead of muffins.

For Your Workplace courage comes into play when we act in a bodacious manner. We do the unconventional because that’s what you expect of us. We never know if our ideas will work or not — trust us, we’re more nervous than you might think — but we know that if we don’t try, then we will also have an event of declining attendance.

We try new ideas, like walking meetings through the Botanical Gardens, to demonstrate to our community that we truly believe in combining physical activity and work. We serve innovative, nutritious food (that we cannot pronounce) because wholesome food delivers energy. We deliver dozens of new ideas, not just for you to learn by rote, but to use to spark your thinking and imagine what can be. We put exceptional people in a room and challenge ourselves to find ways to have them meet each other.

We do this because you want us to find better, healthier ways to do work.

Launching our pre-agenda rate without even knowing what program we were going to deliver felt a little kooky, but you told us it would help you allocate resources when you had them, so we listened. For all those people who registered, thank you for the vote of confidence. You are guaranteed a seat and you are locked in at our lowest rate.

We listen to you and have the courage to try new things, because you are a community of people with innovative ideas, who truly care about thriving workplaces.

And to those who called for advice, register to our conference now before seats sell out, and see our awesome community in action.

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