The Imperative to Build Ethical AI

We hear stories all the time about how people are using artificial intelligence (AI) in ethically dubious ways. We have Facebook curating our newsfeed, google monitoring our data and Amazon upselling us at every turn. many HR professionals are celebrating the development of machine learning for all the ways it makes their jobs easier, while others are more cautious about getting onboard with AI-enhanced tools. And here’s the thing: both responses are completely right.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, leaders always want to know what’s coming next and how they can get ready for it. Leaders in the HR space are particularly keen to know how AI could or should affect their recruitment and talent management. Industry experts have enumerated the benefits of AI and cautioned against its potential misuses in equal measure. The issue here is the ethics involved. We need to remember that AI is shaped by the humans who created it and that it can inherit their blind spots and biases. When Durham College develops a new project in their AI hub, for example, offering industry partners access to technical expertise and student talent, it is reviewed by a committee that examines any ethical implications of the work. After all, any program that can think for itself and impact the decision-making of the people who interact with it must be held to a high ethical standard.

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