The Power of Scripted and Unscripted Negotiations

A confident stance can make all the difference when getting the best out of negotiations. When I was a Seller I can’t tell you how many times a tricky or impatient Buyer would leap ahead of my prepared remarks or presentation materials and start asking questions about my research or proposal figures, completely out of the order or context I had intended to present them. This occurs because a Buyer is trying to knock the Seller off his/her presentation script in a negotiation. This makes the Seller vulnerable to questions that they did not prepare for and opens up many opportunities for the Buyer to save money. Physically and mentally scripting yourself for large or important negotiations has a number of crucial functions and benefits.

Battle Plans for Negotiations

Engaging in an important negotiation without a solid “battle plan” will weaken your ability to solidly deliver on negotiation objectives. In large or important negotiations you must arrive at the bargaining table with confidence and the agility to counter unexpected moves from the other side. Know your plan and the back-up plan.

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