Top HR Manager of the Year

Nomination Details

Your Workplace magazine is conducting its first ever Top HR Manager of the Year award to celebrate the HR professional’s tireless and vital work for organizations large and small. We understand that you make a difference in the lives of your employees and this award recognizes that contribution.

Nomination and Evaluation Process

Please fill out the following online form to nominate either yourself or a peer in the HR field that you believe has exceeded in excellence and dedication to the employees and companies they serve every day, thus being worthy of recognition.

The editorial team of Your Workplace magazine will assess the nominations and choose a winner from among them. Winners will be notified and their story with name and photo will be published in the summer edition of the magazine.


To be eligible for Your Workplace magazine’s Top HR Manager of the Year award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

Has been an HR manager for a minimum two years

  1. Works at a company with at least 15 employees
  2. Exceeds the daily requirements of their job description
  3. Demonstrates a creative approach, originality and differentiation
  4. Dedicated to employees, and is committed to showing how their people practices are aligned to the organization’s priorities
  5. Senior level commitment


Top HR Manager of the Year

How to Enter
Fill out the questions below by April 15, 2019. When nominating, please provide as much detail as possible.
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