We Must Be Unified: Help contain COVID-19

Everyday we push the message of productivity and employee engagement in a competitive landscape. Today we encourage everyone to join the same team in supporting health over our united battle against COVID-19.

As a strong proponent of social interaction amongst colleagues, we are unconditionally changing our position to fully support the only effective method of containment: social distancing.

Our focus must be singular. Our objective must be unified: We must act to reduce the rapid spread of this virus taking the following steps:

  • Stop non-essential travel – travel is exposing people to the virus thus causing it to spread
  • Encourage work-from-home practices – use technology to keep contact with your team while enabling them to practice social distancing.
  • Communicate – your employees need to hear from you and your family needs to know that you are safe.

You are not alone. Join the effort of business leaders in Canada and globally that represent millions of employees. Read their collective open letter.