We The North!

Even a non-sports minded person like me recognizes the importance of the Raptors’ historic win and today’s amazing celebration in Toronto. About two million people are expected to cheer on 2019’s NBA champs in person, and rightfully so (not to mention the rest of the country getting in on this national unity moment).

So what’s the point? If the prime minister and the mayor can take the day off to celebrate, so can you and your staff. What I really mean is that morale is an important part of your employee’s health and happiness. Let’s look at it this way: What is the effect of this on the workplace? According to research by Kimble Applications, nearly one out of every five American employees admits that he or she falsely called out sick the day after a major sports event, while another third say they would consider doing so even if they haven’t yet.

It’s likely that these statistics are fairly comparable to the Canadian workforce as well. As an HR manager, or employer, you can kill two birds with one stone. Don’t give your employees a reason to lie or call in sick falsely, and do give them a reason to celebrate the win of their lifetimes with today’s historic celebration. Give them the day off. Let them enjoy what they will likely try to sneak out and enjoy anyway.

It’s about morale, it’s about the city, it’s about the country and it’s recognizing that, sometimes, schedules can change in order to celebrate happy moments that will be remembered for something positive. You certainly don’t want your employee to remember today because you forced them to finish their spreadsheet or presentation deck. Use today as an example for other (perhaps smaller) celebrations in the future. We all need a break and what better way to have one then in this shared day of Canadian pride.

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