What You Need to Know to Reach Your Goals

We set goals every day. Although we may not think of them as goals, that’s what they are: the goal to get to work on time, the goal to keep our cool when our teenage child challenges us, the goal to reach 30 sales calls by the end of the week, the goal to reduce anxiety, or perhaps the goal to drop 10 pounds by the end of the month. Because we don’t treat these as goals, we struggle with them being unachieved, thus leaving ourselves frustrated, stressed, disappointed and sometimes feeling shame or self-loathing.

So how can we go about setting and achieving goals in a way that leads to more positive outcomes? How can we support ourselves and our employees to achieve the very things they strive for, and which companies can benefit from? There is a science behind goal attainment that is important to know.

Having the right tools

There are seven tools to dramatically increase your chances of following through with your action plan to achieve your goal. The more of these that you utilize, the greater the chance of success. Here are some of the most powerful tactics:

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