Workers Care About Employers Who Care

Workers are no longer concerned with the basics at work. They are looking for employers that care about their wellbeing. According to a recent RBC Insurance poll, the majority of working Canadians (80%) report that their overall wellbeing would improve if their employer were to offer a personalized wellness program that is customized to an individual’s specific wellness and health related interests and goals.

 “The poll really underscores the value working Canadians place on having choice in benefits and personalized programs when it comes to their overall wellbeing,” said Julie Gaudry, Senior Director of Group Insurance at RBC Insurance. “It’s important for employers to design a benefits package that considers the needs of their workforce, especially as new generations enter and leave the market, this is something that can largely influence employee morale and their overall health.”

In particular, the poll revealed that, when it comes to group benefits overall, flexibility and customization are important. Nine in 10 working Canadians value choice in their group benefits plan.

The poll also revealed a relationship between working Canadians overall wellbeing and those who have group benefits or private coverage. While 70% of working Canadians with group or private insurance rate their wellbeing as excellent or good, that figure falls to 59% for those without any type of insurance coverage at all.

How to motivate employees to participate in a wellness program:

It can be challenging for businesses to motivate employees to participate in wellness programs. According to RBC, here are the top three factors that working Canadians say would motivate them:

  1. A tailored wellness program targeted to specific health-related goals (44%)
  2. Progress-based incentives/rewards (40%)
  3. Time away from their desk during work hours to dedicate to wellness (35%)

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