YW Wellness Program

Subscribe to YW Wellness Program and get all of the benefits of a subscription to Your Workplace magazine plus every employee will receive a copy of Wellness Matters quarterly newsletter and a discount on passes to Imagine Your Workplace Conference. It pays to invest in well-being. Learn how to better support your employees and strengthen their impact on your organization with the YW Wellness Program. The program includes:

Wellness Matters newsletter

Wellness Matters is a Canadian health and wellness newsletter designed to motivate employees and their families to be healthy and active. Produced quarterly, and available in both French and English, each eight-page issue contains at least 20 easy-to- read articles. Every issue features:

  • Well researched, timely, original health-related content that is reviewed and approved by a top team of Canadian health professionals
  • Stories that emphasize positive approaches to nutrition, fitness and lifestyle
  • Practical tips that make it easy for employees and their families to make simple but effective changes to their lifestyle for improved mental and physical health

Your Workplace magazine

Your Workplace magazine is a comprehensive resource for people-focused organizations. Published six times a year, it is packed with original articles featuring progressive ideas grounded in real-world data. It is a 100% Canadian product. Every issue features:

  • Expert advice on leading and coaching
  • The latest trends in people management, work culture, and employee engagement
  • A regular focus on productivity, mental heath and wellness
  • Timely, provocative commentary on relevant, work-related issues

Imagine Your Workplace Conference

This unique event addresses employee productivity through trendsetting information on leading, managing, culture and wellness. Receive a discount up to 20% on attendance. Every event features:

  • One full day of programming including Lightning Talks, a keynote and a workshop
  • Outdoor activities
  • Engaging networking opportunities and
  • Delicious, nutritious food and refreshments

Order Now!

Make the highly affordable* YW Wellness Program the cornerstone of your company’s commitment to healthier and happier employees with:

  • Wellness Matters digital newsletter, 4x/ year, available in French and English
  • Your Workplace print or digital magazine, 6x/year, and
  • Imagine Your Workplace Conference, live event, 1x/year

*Pricing: based on the number of employees enrolled in the program (eg: 50 employees is $309 annually). Request your quote today.

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