You Are Your Friends

Did you know that the four people with whom you spend the most time are who you will become? Scary? This fact alone should make you very selective about the company you keep.

Think about the individuals with whom you spend your leisure time — people you regularly go to dinner with. Do you go to the movies with someone who insists on choosing the film that isn’t of interest to you, but you still concede rather than going to the movie of your choice by yourself?

Whatever the case, for better or worse, over time these people become influencers of your interests, actions and even how you think.

Make a list of those four people. I am not asking you to disinherit your family members or change your work situation. I am talking about the individuals with whom you choose to spend time outside of family and work.

What are the five main qualities that these individuals possess? Are they punctual? Fiscally responsible? Well-read? Are they good listeners? Do they have a thirst for knowledge?

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