YW Interview: Dr. Susan Biali

Dr. Susan BialiDr. Susan Biali recognized early in her career that professional success as a physician did not lead to personal happiness and well-being. Making the bold move from doctor to flamenco dancer, she travels widely to perform and to encourage others to live their dreams. Susan is the author of the book, Your Prescription for Life! Seven Steps to Extraordinary Health and Happiness. She was interviewed by YW about daring to dream for a better life.

YW: By outward appearances, you were successful as a physician. Yet, you experienced clinical depression. Why do you feel you became depressed, and how long did the depression last before you were able to overcome it?

SB: I know now that I became very depressed because I had wandered so far from who I truly am. The things that feed my soul and spirit the most, such as dancing and performing, and educating the public through writing, speaking and media work, were completely absent throughout most of my life. I gave up on my dream of a dance career (I was about 10, and had never had dance lessons, but for years had “rehearsed” and made up choreographies in my basement). I became clinically depressed, to the point where it began to severely affect my functioning, towards the end of my medical school training, and it reached a crisis point in the second year of my five-year Emergency Medicine program. That depression forced me to drop out of the program—and simultaneously forced me to begin my new, authentic life. Thank goodness for depression, I often say!

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