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Enjoy reading some Articles

  • Festive Food to Share at Work

    Not so many years ago I was standing in line at a potluck lunch and inadvertently said to the woman next to me, “I can’t believe someone brought store-bought snack cakes.” She plaintively responded, “well, I didn’t have time to bake.” I quickly stuffed my mouth...continue reading

  • 7 Tips to Control Holiday Eating

    The two-month long “sweet season” begins with leftover Halloween candy and winds down with pecan pie, eggnog and fruitcake. Bite by bite the ounces add up to pounds, unless you find a way to control holiday eating. North Americans gain about one pound during the winter...continue reading

  • The Plight of the Mid-Level Manager

    For those among us with glittery-eyed dreams of climbing the corporate ladder (we’ve all gotta find something to do with our time, after all), here’s a caveat: you may want to skip a couple of those middle rungs on the road to capitalist domination and unbridled...continue reading

  • Killer Bosses and Employee Well-Being

    Stories abound regarding “killer bosses” — leaders who are categorically feared. Popular television shows such as The Office and cartoons like Dilbert dramatize the perils of such ineptitude and insensitivity, and paint a troublesome portrait of what work within these types of organizations is like for...continue reading

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