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Enjoy reading some Articles

  • The Overwhelmed Manager

    Amanda arrived harried, overwhelmed and very stressed out. She’d had not only a difficult day, but a difficult week and a difficult month with considerable overtime hours working on projects she wasn’t really enjoying. It was quickly apparent: Amanda needed help. Her team was not coping...continue reading

  • Is Work-Life Balance Dead?

    Sometimes it can seem like the stress of trying to achieve work-life balance is hardly worth the effort. Who has time for work-life balance? Not to mention it inherently implies a compromise, and like most compromises (a radio station everyone can agree on in the car,...continue reading

  • The New Science of Workplace Culture

    Every company has a distinct personality, complete with its own values, traditions, attitudes and behaviours. This workplace culture defines how employees at all levels feel and interact together at work. Today more than ever, culture defines the success of an organization. HR professionals are increasingly thinking...continue reading

  • It’s All About Energy

    Time and again, we see that the more leaders try to manage engagement, the more disengaged their employees actually become. It’s not that employees don’t want to be engaged — many are committed and loyal soldiers who come in early, stay late and try hard in-between....continue reading

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