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Enjoy reading some Articles

  • Power Up: Lemons

    When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade — eat them whole and fresh. Lemons are acidic to the taste, but are alkaline-forming in the body. In fact they are one of the most alkaline-forming foods, which makes them great for balancing a highly acidic...continue reading

  • Power Up: Brisling Sardines

    Before you turn away in disgust, hear me out. There are nearly a dozen types of fish that are packaged and sold as sardines; some grow to be 10 inches long. Needless to say, some of them are just gross. All sardines are not made equal....continue reading

  • Power Up: Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate is a nutritional blessing in the disguise of a sugary bar of cocoa goodness. If you fear the dark side, don’t worry, you can ease your way in from those handfuls of M&Ms to the 85% cocoa content recommended by nutritionists with the wide...continue reading

  • Power Up: Brassicas

    How often do we buy fresh produce with the best of intentions only to have it spoil before we have the chance to use it? Brassica root varieties such as cabbages, kohlrabi, radishes, daikon, turnips and rutabagas will not only last through our tough Canadian winters...continue reading

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