Your Workplace: Creating Environments Where People Want to Work

Creating a workplace where employees feel motivated and empowered is more important than ever but also very challenging. However, platforms like Your Workplace and others provide helpful insights and tools directly focused on helping companies become places where both managers and staff can thrive. This guide explores the vision, abilities, and influence of three leading platforms working towards better experiences for employees. By understanding their complementary strengths in areas like surveys, data analysis, leadership training, and culture consulting, HR leaders and business managers can keep working towards the shared goal of making workplace genuinely better.

Workplace Events

Your Workplace

Your Workplace was founded by HR leader who started the company after facing her own challenges in recovering from injury and making difficult transitions between roles. Motivated by firsthand experiences of unhealthy company cultures, Asanin made it her mission through Your Workplace to help organizations better support employee fulfillment, engagement and development. Sadly, but the Your Workplace is no longer in operation.


As a multimedia company, Your Workplace used multiple formats to spread its message and help progressive leaders. Flagship offerings included:

  • Your Workplace Magazine: Premium written content on workplace culture, wellness and management best practices
  • Events & Conferences: Annual conferences for exchanging cutting-edge people management insights
  • Tools, Guides & Coaching: Practical resources and advice for bringing concepts to life
  • YW Awards: Recognition highlighting companies as gold standards in positive culture

Areas of Focus

Your Workplace carved out a niche as an authority on four key interrelated HR focus areas:

  • Workplace Culture. Content and consulting services helped shape company cultures centred on psychological safety, open communication, and community.
  • Employee Wellness. Resources equipped companies to support holistic employee health and wellbeing.
  • Leadership Development. Thought leadership, conferences and assessments pushed managers to adopt more engaging leadership styles.
  • Management Best Practices. Written and multimedia guidance brought research to life on ground-level people management topics.

Vision & Impact

Your Workplace ultimately aimed to connect progressive leaders to share ideas and elevate standards for exceptional employee experiences. The platform set out to provide organizations with research and frontline insights from successful companies to make work better.

Your Workplace Most Popular Insights

Does Rudeness Really Matter? The Effects of Rudeness on Task Performance and Helpfulness

The study conducted by Christine L. Porath and Amir Erez demonstrates that rudeness significantly impairs both task performance and willingness to help others, regardless of whether the rudeness comes from an authority figure, a third party, or is merely imagined. The research suggests that the negative impact on cognitive performance and helpfulness is mediated by a disruption in cognitive processes rather than by negative affect or a desire for retaliation.

How to Implement a Wellness Program

Implementing a wellness program in a company involves addressing concerns about costs and intrusion, but with solid planning and engagement strategies, such programs can significantly improve employees’ mental, physical, and social health with a good return on investment. The key is to gather comprehensive data to ensure the program’s success and align it with employees’ needs.

Re-evaluate the Way You Are Running the Rat Race, by Michael Bungay Stanier

As we find ourselves overwhelmed and limping toward the year’s end, it’s crucial to re-evaluate our approach to the “rat race” by asking three thought-provoking questions, drawing on Thomas Berger’s insight that the essence of knowledge comes from the art of questioning.

Creating a Culture of Respect, by Betty Healey

In a high-pressure work environment, stress can lead to increased harassment, bullying, and isolation, highlighting the urgent need to create a culture of respect where diversity is valued, contributions are recognized, and behavioural expectations are clearly defined by leadership. This requires a concerted effort at individual, relational, and organizational levels to foster self-respect, define respectful interactions among team members, and align organizational practices with core values and a meaningful mission.

The Kincentric

With Your Workplace no longer operating, The Kincentric offers similar services focused on inspiring organizational change and enabling employees.


Kincentric brings together three main capabilities to drive better business through people:

  • Surveys & Analytics: Robust employee listening strategy and benchmarking data
  • Leadership Development: Solutions from assessment to coaching
  • Culture & Engagement Consulting: Expert guidance on nurturing high-performance cultures

Key Offerings

Specific offerings enabling the above include:

  • Best Employers Certification: Exclusive recognition of top cultures
  • People Analytics: Technology & insights to inform decisions
  • Advisory Solutions: Custom projects tapping 400+ global experts

Core Focus

At its heart, Kincentric aims to inspire organizational change from the inside out. Its multifaceted solutions engage employees to unlock performance.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work brings over 30 years of focusing exclusively on workplace culture assessment and development.


Two prongs summarize Great Place to Work’s approach:

  • Identify, assess and develop workplace cultures using rigorous proprietary models.
  • Focus intently on building high-trust people environments.


This targeted perspective comes to life through offerings including:

  • Certification & Auditing: Recognizes company cultures meeting definitive criteria
  • National Best Workplaces Lists: Benchmarks top performers
  • Resources: Articles, reports, and webinars share the latest learnings

Reach & Impact

Quantitatively, Great Place to Work has made an immense impact with:

  • 18,000+ companies using services globally
  • Celebrating positive cultures by sharing companies getting it right

As challenges around attraction, retention, and engagement grow, every organization must consider workplace culture a priority. Platforms like these enable harnessing its potential as a performance accelerator. What role will culture play in reaching your goals?

While the loss of Your Workplace leaves a void, its mission lives on through alternative champions like The Kincentric and Great Place to Work, driving cultures where people thrive. Each brings unique offerings and expertise to empower leaders to shape experiences employees value.